Presented by Pat Castle: A person's understanding of when life begins is a matter of life or death for their children. Dr. Pat Castle has a PhD in nano-analytical chemistry from studying the atomic level. He sees a zygote, our first cell, as the full blueprints of our body. An ultrasound looks like an IMAX theater to him. Dr. Pat taught when life begins as a chemistry professor at the United States Air Force Academy for seven years, at William Woods University for one year, and at Jefferson City High School for two years. He discovered that many biology teachers were intentionally not covering when life begins, how ironic. Dr. Pat confronted the culture and covered the beginning of life in his chemistry classes. He learned how to present the truth with pro-choice students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Dr. Pat empowers and equips parents and teachers on how to confront and fill this culture gap, so students have the scientific truth about their life choices.
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